TRANSFORMEUS provides organizations with the ability to unlock potential through holistic, enduring, large-scale transformations. Our proven method for sustainable transformation, combined with hands-on experience and our proprietary technology, can deliver impact across multiple dimensions to improve business performance at every level within an organization. Most critically, we drive change through the front lines, with innovative solutions, rapid scaling, and the skill-building required to sustain your success.

Strategic Transformation

  • Provide fact-based studies using a thorough corporate-strategy diagnostic to identify and address the key value-creation levers and the value at stake for our clients.
  • Ensure all projects support the overall business objectives of the enterprise and resolve blocking points with a focus on flexibility and pragmatism.
  • Create and maintain project documentation and best practice.
Strategic Transformation
Performance Transformation

Performance Transformation

  • Identify the company’s potential for transformation through a proprietary and tailored execution assessment based on fact-based analysis. We then guide our clients through a road-mapping process to develop specific initiatives to achieve sustainable performance objectives.
  • Establish a solid governance and infrastructure architecture to support the transformation by fostering action, accelerating impact, and building capabilities.
  • Extract the performance potential from new technologies, with the measurable acceleration of growth, productivity, and capital efficiency—at full scale across the organization. We design company-spanning, tech-enabled and extend it by supporting full digital portfolios; large-scale, cross-functional collaboration; core technology-stack upgrading; and tech-capability building.

Cost Transformation

  • Design an appropriate project structure able to carry the cost reduction targets in a sustainable way.
  • Identify feasible cost reduction opportunities by combining both bottom-up and top-down approaches.
  • Focus on the activities that fuel your competitive advantage, and eliminate many of the ones that don’t.
  • Focus your R&D expenses, manage products better, gain supply chain efficiencies, and more.
  • Make sure that every dollar you spend serves your strategy.
  • Monitor the cost reduction plan and its impact on financial results.
Cost Transformation
Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

  • Provide business process improvement and reengineering across functions and departments, relying on a vast library of industry and best-practice processes.
  • Workflow design and accountability matrix.
  • Design and alignment of IT systems and platform specifications.

Management Transformation

  • Ensure the approval and commitment of employees in times of change to build and maintain momentum.
  • A full clarification of working modes (roles and responsibilities, individual mandate and objectives, interfaces…).
  • Regular and targeted communication to all stakeholders (information sessions, Q&A sessions, workshops…).
  • Development and delivery of training programs.
  • The capacity to match organizational needs with talent, leveraging internal talents, accelerating the hiring process through clear job descriptions, and when needed securing rapid change.
  • Remove obstacles so employees can tackle the activities that matter most to customers.
Management Transformation

What Works—and What Doesn’t—in Transformation