Global competition, uncertainty, the rising speed of change, and disruptive trends, all reinforce companies’ need for speed in decrypting changes, adapting the business and operational strategy, making the case for decisions, and adjusting their plan. To thrive amid these profound challenges, TRANSFORMEUS brings momentum in adapting and activating a strategy, that meets today’s challenges and seizes tomorrow’s opportunities:

Corporate Strategy & Finance

  • Maintenance of proper accounting, budgeting, and VAT reporting.
  • Review your timely balance sheets, income statements, and cash-flow reports that help with informed decision-making to align your strategies with the organizational goals.
  • Be aware of the latest applicable and pertinent changes to tax legislation and accounting standards and principles.
  • Assess your performance against peers and obtain a deeper understanding of what drives total shareholder value in your industry by using our proprietary diagnostic.
  • Pinpoint the root causes of gaps between intrinsic versus market value and identify the best ways to close them through a compelling equity story.
  • Help you add more value, reduce costs, and operate as a true partner to the business.
  • Conduct a feasibility study on business start-ups, as well as established companies looking to expand or add a new product or service. A properly constructed feasibility study will provide you with the insights to reassure yourself that the idea is worth pursuing and whether it offers a sufficient return compared to its risks, identify new business opportunities due to the exploratory nature of the study, and secure funding from banks, investors, lending institutions, organizations, and other monetary sources.
Corporate Strategy and Finance
Debt Restructuring

Debt Restructuring

Debt restructuring is defined as an event where a creditor grants a mutually agreed concession to a debtor who is in financial difficulty. It is useful for avoiding being classified as a ‘defaulter’. This process requires the assets or equity interests received or surrendered by the debtor to be measured at fair value.

The following are some points of negotiation for the debtor to be considered during debt restructuring:

  • Reducing the interest rates on loans
  • Extending the payment terms of loans
  • A debt-for-equity swap
  • Negotiate to write off a certain portion of interest or capital

Our financial advisors at TRANSFORMEUS are equipped to discuss the above options with you as they bring years of financial experience and globally recognized qualifications to the table. We work with you to model the most suitable and practical restructuring strategy that fits your organization and comprehend your company’s historical performance as well as the current trends and assumptions that might affect that performance in the future.

Business Strategy

  • Design strategic plans which formalize the vision, and objectives, and specify the development path and resources to deliver them. We also support the alignment of the top management team on a plan, the buy-in of shareholders, and the mobilization of the middle management.
  • Create an end-to-end corporate strategic cycle, specify key strategic themes/pillars, cascade strategic priorities to strategic initiatives, and devise corporate performance management.
  • Design a suitable business model to help you predict your future financial performance and make decisions in the short run taking into consideration the firm’s liquidity and working capital.
  • Develop a full-potential value-creation strategy that addresses critical decisions for the portfolio company around ambition, where to play, how to win, and the path to delivery.
  • Strategic diagnostic to comprehend problems, identify low performance and misalignments with customer expectations, locate untapped potential and optimization opportunities, and find solutions and improvement levers.
  • Competitive analysis and benchmarks to evaluate your competitive positions, with a growing need for a broader analysis of the competitive arena, beyond direct competitors, in order to anticipate new forms of competition.
  • Bring support to CEO and senior executives in co-designing, formalizing and adapting the plan to activate the strategy, and translate it into directly implementable actions.
Business Strategy

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