People & Organization

Digitalization, automation, the contingent workforce, employee well-being, remote and socially distanced work are just some of HR’S challenges. TRANSFORMEUS strategies and solutions solve these challenges and enable the HR department to lead through disruption, drive transformation, elevate employees’ capabilities, and sustain effectiveness and value.

Today, it’s not enough to give your workforce digital tools that replace traditional processes and activities. It’s about creating a human experience, designed with human values in mind and enabled by programs, technologies, and interactions that deliver on human desires.

People Analytics & Insights

  • Understand what it takes for your company to attract and retain top people and help them reach their full potential.
  • Define, collect and aggregate people and business data from disparate sources so you can make fact-based decisions. Our methods for workforce data collection include surveys, interviews, focus groups, real-time digital technologies, gamification, and other engagement techniques.
  • Design optimal team networks, define business KPIs and align organizational processes.
  • Create an engaged and unified workforce with more meaningful, human-centric experiences that can, in turn, drive customer satisfaction.
  • Help leaders become more inspirational, managers more capable, front-line employees more responsive to customer needs, and organizations better equipped to meet a range of talent needs.
  • Help you have entrepreneurial groups that solve complex problems quickly, boost time-to-market, improve customer responsiveness, and generate a host of other benefits.
  • Tools and training on decision-making styles, executive assessments, and coaching.
  • Implement holistic total rewards and well-being programs that go beyond traditional compensation and benefits packages.
People Analytics and Insights
Operating Model and Organizational Design

Operating Model & Organizational Design

  • Provide an integrated system that unleashes the star power of your teams, ensuring that they are aligned, capable, effective, adaptable, efficient, and inspired. They’ll be prepared and motivated to go the extra mile, executing on strategy at speed and with purpose.
  • Streamline roles and responsibilities across all levels of the organization.
  • Define principles and key HR instruments for managing the workforce (Planning and recruiting, training and development, career path development, total reward, compensation, mobility, etc.)
  • Create a multi-year workforce evolution roadmap and ensure that your best talent is focused on your top priorities.
  • Remove bureaucratic bottlenecks and seamlessly connect processes across your full ecosystem. Redesign your processes to serve customer solutions, and ensure that support and control functions participate in a way that accelerates innovation.
  • Expedite digital HR transformation using new technologies, platforms, and ways of working to drive productivity.
  • Understand your current and future-state technology and data needs, and make sure they come together with the human elements of your operating model, to unlock performance and build organizational capability.
  • Enable work from anywhere by supporting a hybrid model with a digital workplace that increases engagement and prioritizes the employee experience before, during, and after business hours.

Culture Change

Companies that create a winning culture are five times more likely to be top performers.  Your company’s culture can provide a huge competitive advantage. So we can help you:

  • Address every element of culture change, from initial assessment through implementation and continuous monitoring and refinement.
  • Address the behaviors, decision styles, and mindsets of your team, and make sure that your culture and ways of working are aligned behind your values and purpose, and supported by the right capabilities.
Culture Change
Payroll Strategy

Payroll Strategy

  • Protect your employer brand by implementing and maintaining compliant payroll and workforce management solutions.
  • Design remuneration policies and plans to drive a positive outcome for all stakeholders.
  • Determine the cost of your current and future workforce.

Meet the four forces shaping your workforce strategy