Mergers & Acquisitions

Your M&A strategy should be a logical continuation of your growth strategy and be built around a methodical, repeatable approach that encourages frequent ever-larger deals. Our deep experience and insights enable you to take M&A to the next level and evaluate the deal for what it is, and what it’s not. So that when you move forward or look for what’s next, you can do so with confidence in your ability to emerge stronger than before.


  • Deliver precise M&A guidance by gaining access to deeper insights earlier, managing transaction difficulties, foreseeing what is around the next curve, and successfully assisting firms in their change management processes.
  • Determine which sectors and capabilities provide the most potential, based on a deep understanding of industry value chains and the underlying economics.
  • Make a full list of potential targets and built a strategy for reaching them out and developing connections with them, in addition to a screening process, and an M&A roadmap.
  • Apply a comprehensive set of best-in-class diagnostics, frameworks, proprietary benchmarks, and other analytics tools and capabilities to guide target prioritization and screening, integration workflows, and other essential elements of successful M&A.
  • Perform commercial and operational (Operations, Organization / HR, IT) due diligence, and/or financial and/or legal with partners.
Mergers and Acquisitions


  • Identification of potential buyers given our strong knowledge of our sector’s ecosystem.
  • Increase the value of asset sales and associated transactions to guarantee that both businesses succeed to the fullest extent possible.
  • Help clients address their long-term growth ambitions and become prepared sellers from a financial, tax, operational, and commercial perspective from portfolio assessment, to perimeter definition, and divestiture strategy.
  • Evaluate risks and potential side effects, develop the exit strategy, define the firm being sold, determine whether it can survive on its own, and create a pre-divesture action plan.

Joint Ventures/ Alliances

  • Make sure your joint venture is properly established from the beginning, with a very clear and shared vision as well as a solid understanding of mutual economics. In situations where an existing joint venture or alliance is struggling, we’ll help you get it back on track to achieve the desired results.
  • Align your interests by combining an operating model design assessment with a joint business planning process.
  • Determine the full potential of your joint venture strategy through a pragmatic and discerning analysis.
  • Help you shape the strategic rationale for the partnership and find the right partners. We also help you identify the desired outcome, measure progress, and adjust course, as needed, to align strategy, value, and goals for all partners.
  • Ensure long-term monitoring.
Joint Ventures/ Alliances
Post-Merger Integration

Post-Merger Integration

  • Support for the entire post-deal integration process, including the synergy and takeover plan.
  • Integration across functions through our expertise across all operational areas, including commercial (for example, sales, R&D, and product development), operations (such as manufacturing, supply chain, and procurement), and enabling capabilities (for instance, technology), helps clients achieve maximum value and a smooth path to integration.
  • Create a comprehensive plan to manage key risks and interdependencies, speed integration activities, and achieve the aspirations of the deal.

Learning & Capability Building

  • Develop internal skills that enable you to execute deals efficiently and frequently.
  • Defining roles and duties will help corporate and business-unit teams accelerate and improve M&A activities.
  • Align the top teams on the leadership approach and tailor capability-building programs to achieve culture and synergy targets as well as broader integration objectives.
Learning and Capability Building

How M&A Can Affect a Company