Marketing & Sales

We can help you bring a new sense of purpose to every element of your brand and consumer strategy, reimagining meaningful experiences to drive loyalty, shape client growth agendas, and drive measurable outcomes with our rock-solid strategies:

Marketing Strategy

  • Transform your marketing with a practical, proven combination of analytics, creativity, and customer-centric data insights.
  • Derive insights to fuel campaign, marketing, audience, and content strategy.
  • Advanced data analytics to prioritize your marketing investments and drive strategic revenue management.
  • Customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty campaigns.
  • Enhance the advertising and digital marketing.
  • Content, social, and search strategy and production.
  • Design and build a web user experience.
Marketing Strategy
Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy

  • Maximize the ability to help sales and service professionals by streamlining middle office processes.
  • Develop an effective and pragmatic go-to-market strategy that’s rooted in a deep understanding of your customers.
  • Embedding sales insights and analytics into the sales cycle.
  • Optimize and modernize sales operations through incentive compensation, territory planning, and forecasting.
  • Implement effective pricing strategies and contracts.
  • Change commercial spending to optimize marketing spending, market share growth, and resource allocation.

Digital Commerce Strategy

  • Build an e-commerce website and digital sales.
  • Develop every page from the first touchpoint with the user all the way to shipping confirmation.
  • Design and implement direct-to-consumer and B2B commerce approaches.
  • Improve pricing and payment strategies.
  • Provide supply chain services.
  • Create a global market entry strategy.
Digital Commerce Strategy
Product & Portfolio Management

Product & Portfolio Management

Your customers’ needs and expectations are changing, sometimes overnight. To make sure your products and service keep pace, you need a product management strategy built for today’s dynamic business environment. We can help you achieve an end-to-end transformation that enables you to:

  • Explore and redefine your brand purpose in the context of what your brand has historically stood for, what your customer values most, and where culture and society are headed next.
  • Analyze product lifecycle and consumer trends to identify opportunities to improve assortments and how products are positioned on the shelf by the retailer.
  • Reinvent your offerings based on a complete understanding of your customers’ raw needs.
  • Develop new products and services at the right price and time through the most effective channels.
  • Order management to get a product into a customer’s hands as efficiently as possible.
  • Apply test-and-learn approaches to boost innovation and shorten time-to-market.

Customer Experience

  • Provide the expertise and tools that help you figure out what matters most to customers.
  • Combines analytics, benchmarks, and human-centered design to reveal what delights your customers, and then shows you how to deliver it efficiently, and at scale.
  • Revisit your segmentation and help foster an end-to-end customer experience.
Customer Experience
Sales Employees Management


Sales Employees Management

  • Help you hire, train, and motivate sales teams that deliver outstanding performance.
  • Create a data-driven profile of the set of people who’ll accomplish your strategy.
  • Align incentives and performance management programs to motivate sales teams.
  • Help the managers become better coaches, so the employees improve faster.
  • Build the internal skills you need, to continue delivering the right messages to your customers.

Sales & Marketing Strategy: The What, Why, and How of a Successful One