TRANSFORMEUS Consulting Provides Professional Training In The Lebanon Export Academy

Lebanon Export Academy, implemented by UNIDO and UNDP, in partnership with Berytech, under the joint UN – Productive Sectors Development Program (PSDP), is the first export training center and online academy in Lebanon. Its goal is to provide to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and cooperatives with the abilities and knowledge needed to sustain their operations, increase their export readiness, enter new markets, and expand globally.

The Academy has recruited 21 trainers with multiple backgrounds to offer their vast experience to the participants, and one of the trainers is “TRANSFORMEUS CEO”, Dr. Maurice Mouawad, a top-tier business leader with excellent strategic experience in business and project management at a global level, cutting across business verticals. He brings in a wealth of experience at different levels in the private sector, strategizing on digital transformation and helping develop policies on the subject.


The academy offers in-person and online classes along with self-paced courses on various topics related to export including:

  • How to write an export plan.
  • Conduct market research.
  • Understand export documentation and legal requirements.
  • Freight and Export Logistics.
  • Set export prices
  • Find suitable financing options. 
  • Trade Agreements.
  • Export Marketing & Finding Buyers.
  • Digital Marketing & Ecommerce.


The courses are provided to companies and entrepreneurs from the Agriculture and Agri-food sectors; however, at a later stage, courses will be accessible for companies in other productive sectors including manufacturing, ICT and technology, media, and telecommunication.

Key Objectives:

  • Improve the ability of Lebanese MSMEs to grow and cross borders.
  • Increase access to quality and affordable specialized and practical trainings for Lebanese MSMEs.
  • Encourage the development of strong and resilient productive sectors in Lebanon.
  • Focus on women-led businesses, agriculture and agri-food.
  • Support job creation and inclusive economic growth in Lebanon.
  • Provide world-class learning hub and curricula.


Reference: Berytech